Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Waiting for baby...

We're down to less than two weeks until due date! We are so excited!

I've been so busy during the last couple of weeks, getting everything ready. I actually have a bag packed for the hospital this time around. (Last time I ended up lying on the living room floor, shouting out orders to Trev in between contractions...) I've assembled the bassinet, washed and sorted baby clothes, cleaned *most* of our apartment, even found time to make some little baby clothes. Funny really, it was easier to find time for that, than scrubbing the kitchen floor!

I'm grateful that Luke is such a good sleeper and that he goes to bed at a decent hour (before 7pm) and sleeps right through, giving me plenty of time to clean or do whatever needs to be done. We do wonder how Luke will adjust to being an older brother and whether he will be jealous, happy, welcoming or naughty towards the new baby. I suppose we will find out!

This is an exciting time for us!

Here are a few pictures of Luke in the last few weeks. It has been cold but we've been going outside every day, and Luke loves that. I don't have a picture, but his latest craze is pushing the stroller (pushchair) himself. He seems so proud of himself when he is toddling along with that thing!

I knew there was a reason I brought these nesting dolls back when I went to Russia 5 years ago!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Another pair

After making that last pair of little trousers, I thought about making some for our baby. I was originally going to wait until after the baby arrived, to make sure it's a girl...but I couldn't resist!

I bought this flowery cotton a while ago, from the cheapy section at Wal*Mart. I still have enough of it left to make a top or something. If our baby turns out to be a boy, I'm sure I'll find someone for these to go to :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another brand new nephew!

We have another nephew. Taven was born on January 21st, weighing in at 6lbs 14oz. We can't wait to meet him in a few weeks! He looks so cute! His two big brothers love him lots.