Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Now that our marriage is three years old, we decided that we needed to get some nice new bed linens. Or more specifically, a feather duvet (down comforter).

So, the first day of spring break, we left the children with Trev's parents, and headed out for a day of shopping and fun. Our destination was Ogden, which isn't really exotic, but it is close and had everything we needed. It was lovely to be able to walk around the shops without worrying about the kids being bored or naughty! We purchased a lovely duvet, a white duvet cover, and pale green sheets. I wanted something quite neutral that we can change the look of easily with pillows and accessories.

After we had finished shopping (and to be honest, neither of us are really hardcore shoppers, so it didn't take very long) we had a nice lunch, and then headed to our hotel. It was called 'Cedar Pines', and was only built in 2009, so everything was fresh and clean. We checked on movie times, and decided to go and see 'Brooklyn's Finest'. Unfortunately, it was a horrible film and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. We came out feeling thoroughly depressed. The only thing to cheer us up was Uno and some late night snacks.

The next morning we slept in- blissful! Returning to the ranch to see our children, we felt completely refreshed and happy. Oh why can't we do this every week- even once a month would be nice!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Three busy, fast, happy, educational, unexpected, challenging, wonderful, exciting, fun, together years.
With you.
Can't wait for the next 3 x infinity.