Sunday, February 28, 2010


Alas, along with the fun parts about turning one, there are also the not-so-fun parts, including the 12 month immunizations.

Lainey has had quite a bad week as a result, with a fever reaching 103 F. She's needed lots of extra cuddles, so we've had lots of this:

and this:

and now and then, just a little of this:

Poor baby. I love the cuddles, but I don't love to see you sad.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lainey is one!

Our little Lainey-bird turned one today! It truly is unbelievable that a whole year has passed since she joined our family.

We had a little party to celebrate. Grandma and Grandpa were hoping to come, but unfortunately, Aunt Annie was sick, so they had to stay home. We missed them, but we still had fun. Uncle Jake, and Uncle Caleb and Ariel came to join in the fun. We had pizza, cake and watched Lainey open her presents.

Here are some pictures. I'm sorry but they're not really in any order.

This is the banner that we made. Luke and mummy drew patterns on some paper, then mummy cut out letters from the patterns. Daddy helped glue the letters onto some card triangles, and we strung them on some yarn.

The birthday girl! I made her a skirt for the occasion, and she looked so cute and girly

The main cake. It is a giant cupcake! This is probably the easiest cake I've ever made.

The other cupcakes. Like I said, we were expecting to have a few more guests. But you can never have too many cupcakes, right?!

Oh Lainey, you really are so very precious to us. Even at this young age, we can already see your personality coming though. You are patient, but when you get mad you really get mad. You are brave and quite assertive, but you like to see reassuring smiles from your mummy and daddy. You love the bath, music, sweet foods, chasing Luke (and being chased), being outside, and dancing. You are starting to show an interest in dolls. You love playing with fabric or clothes. You like to put them on your head and walk around. We think this is so cute.
We love you Lainey xx

bathtime fears and bathtime fun

A few weeks ago Luke started to develop a fear of the bath. If he saw a little speck of something floating around in the water he would completely freak out. One time, it was a grain of rice that had been in Lainey's hair and was washed into the water. When he saw it he leapt out of the bath and would not get back in.

About the same time, I noticed that he was developing a preference for the colour orange. He was pointing out orange things, and saying 'inge'.

So, with this in mind, and with the help of Crayola Bath Dropz, I came up with a solution. Check it out-

Does this look like a boy who is afraid of the bath?

outside adventures

We made the most of a beautiful day, and went for a little adventure in our neighbourhood. This was Lainey's first time 'roaming free' and she absolutely loved it!

We are so excited for spring to come so we can spend lots of time outside. But for now we are just enjoying the sunny days that we get.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

We had a little photo shoot, mainly because auntie Sophie had sent this adorable outfit over. Lainey was a cute model, even with a slobbery, snotty face. Yeah, we're in the throes of teething AND colds at the moment.

Luke didn't want to be left out, so he donned the top, too. The panda had a squeaker in it, which proved very entertaining.

I cooked a lovely Chow Mein to celebrate the occasion. We didn't go crazy celebrating, but since we love Chinese food, I just thought we might as well eat it on an appropriate day.
Any excuse to try a new recipe!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Christmas in pictures (otherwise entitled "oh I give up")

It's already the middle of February. I think it's about time for a Christmas recap, don't you? Here are some of our favourite pictures of this Christmas (which we spent in Wyoming, at the ranch)

Play time!

A Christmas dress, made by nana
Presents! Luke was so cute. He showed us every present he opened, by holding it up over his forehead :-)

Lainey got some My Little Ponies from mummy and daddy.

The days were long and tiring. Thank goodness for grandma's hugs!

Grandma made each of the grandchildren a horsey. The boys loved them, but imagine the pandemonium with six broomsticks being flung around the room.Yes it was chaos!

We did a candy-bar exchange instead of everyone buying big gifts for each other. Lainey received a sweety necklace, and loved it.

Trev and I had a little time together without the babies- we decided to go for a ride on the snow machine, and then ice-fishing. It was my first time doing both of these things. It was loads of fun.

Going to see the cows and horses.

Christmas dinner :-) Luke sat with cousin Braylen and they had lots of fun. Braylen is four and it seems that Luke really looks up to him.

We had a lovely time!