Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting ready for Easter

A few days before Easter, Luke and I made these yummy treats. I almost didn't bother because the shops were all sold out of Cadbury's Mini Eggs, but decided to use 'Robin's eggs' instead. (They're like Maltesers with a hard shell) Obviously not as good as Cadbury's, but oh least there wasn't a massive bag of the best chocolate in the world sitting around the house.

Then, we went up to the ranch for a couple of days. There had been some snow, so the kids got to go on the snow machines with grandma. At one point, she had three kids on the snow machine, and three on a sledge being pulled behind.

While we were there we dyed eggs for Easter. It was my first time ever dying eggs (at age 28- I know!). I loved doing it and after everyone else was finished, Trev's mom, Trev and I were the only hardcore ones who kept going until all the eggs were dyed.

Luke searching for the perfect colour crayon.

Watching with delight as the egg changes colour.

We also had lots of free time to just play inside. It's amazing how much the kids love to play with different toys, and different playmates.

Here are Luke and Corben being little rascals, I think they were stealing some crackers and got caught in the act.

And Corben at it again, this time with chocolate chips! He is such a cute little boy, how can you say no to that face?!

The little ones got some chocolate chips too.

What a fun couple of days!

Mail mail mail

This year we've been trying so hard to get birthday gifts out to all of our siblings, parents and grandparents. I can't say that they've all made it on time, but so far, we haven't missed one.

We've been making a lot of trips to the post office, and I have to say that Luke is quite an excellent helper. He loves to carry the packages all the way there, while repeating the name of the intended recipient over and over. At first he was reluctant to hand the parcel over when we got there (read: huge tantrums) but he is really good now.

Generally, Luke likes to point out mail-boxes, mail-men etc. where ever we go. He's so cute how he says it- mail mail mail Like he's trying to remember what comes after mail. I love it!