Thursday, April 30, 2009

Easter and St. George's day

Luke enjoyed searching for plastic eggs, which we had hidden around the living room. We bought him a trike and some sand toys too. I feel sorry for him that his birthday is so close to Christmas. So we thought Easter is a nice time to get him a few bits for the summer.

We've been taking his sand toys down to the sand box in our community's play area, and Luke has been learning to share. It's lovely to watch kids play together.
I also decided to make a tradition of taking photos with the English flag, on St. George's day. I did this last year as well and I think we'll do it every year. I know it seems like I do a lot of 'English' holidays, but I promise I am going to do July 4th too, in fact I am already planning their outfits!

And the last piece of wonderful news is that the semester is over, and Trev is finished with classes for a whole month :-) yippeeee!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


To me, football means soccer. It's a game I grew up with. There was always a soccer ball in the back garden to idly kick around with siblings. My brothers took it to the next level and played in the park on a daily basis. My uncles were excellent players. We saw games on television, and live of course. David Beckham was a household name, and the boys had posters of their favourite players on their bedroom walls. To a Brit, it really is 'the beautiful game'.

Trev knows how cool it is, too, because he served his mission in England. And Luke is learning...

Here's Luke about this time last year, at 4 months-

And the next two pictures were taken last week. He LOVES kicking the ball!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bandana skirt

I made this little skirt in about 10 minutes, and it cost about a dollar. I love it, and it matches perfectly with a little top that my mum sent over for Lainey. You can find out how to make one here. The tutorial is for a size 2-3 years skirt, but I trimmed the excess fabric from the top and didn't add the trim.
By the way, I have quite a few projects on the go at the moment. I'm working on them as and when I find time. This was so quick and easy it jumped right to the top of the pile.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Speaking of simple...

A little bag for the beanbags to live in. I had this fat quarter of froggy fabric in my stash and it seemed like a good use for it.

Although this is a simple project, I'm quite excited about it, because it's the first time I used french seams, which I only just learned about. Now I don't need to complain about my lack of serger!

Still gathering inspiration and being amazed at what is out there. I'm learning so much.

Monday, April 6, 2009


These are going to be part of Luke's Easter basket. Very simple, I know...simplicity is where I am at right now. I doubt the recipient will care :-)