Tuesday, June 1, 2010

giddy up

In mid-may, our friends Craig and Tiffany got married, so we travelled up to WY for the reception, and then stayed at the ranch for the weekend. The weather was perfect for being outside, and we had lots of fun.

Lainey had her first time on the trampoline. Here she is with cousin Taven-

Luke got to meet one of the many kittens that were recently born.

Aunt Annie took Luke for a ride. They just rode around the yard. Look at the rude horse, sticking his tongue out for the camera!

Lainey got to 'ride' too. Cousin Corben took good care of her! She loved stroking the horse's mane, which was no surprise, since she plays with my hair a lot- almost obsessively!

One of the highlights for Luke was going feeding with daddy and grandpa. He loved driving the enormous truck and watching the cows gather round for their breakfast!

Grandma, Lainey and I drove down to meet them a little later. We watched grandpa load the hay.

And we said 'hello' to the cows.

It was a fun weekend, and we all ended up pretty tired!


Lu said...

So cute! I can't believe how fast they are growing. I love that picture of Luke driving the truck.

Ariel said...

Oh so much fun! Luke and Lainey are SO darling!! :)

Lesley-Ann said...

It looks like you really enjoy living in the country and I'm sure the children love it too. You are take some really lovely photos Sian :-)
My blog address has changed to www.thepresburys.blogspot.com as we are no longer the presburys living at BBFH!