Wednesday, June 16, 2010


A few days ago we went swimming for the first time this summer. It was Lainey's first time in a pool, and my first time since before my mission (that's 6 years....yikes!) We all had a good time and we discovered that Lainey is just as fearless as Luke in the water. And just as independent. There's no relaxing for mum and dad when we go to the pool!

We bought punch passes, so we'll be going many more times this summer. Which is just as well, because a certain little miss can't get enough of the water...

Yes, that's a bowl of cleaning water that she climbed into, fully dressed while mama's back was turned.


Crystal said...

oh that bubble beard is absolutely adorable! Oh little Lainey, what a doll.

Me, Amanda and Anbre signed up for 'Waterbabies' (swim lessons) at the aquatic center. It starts on monday at 9 am and is 40 bucks. It is m-f next week and m-th the following week. You should sign Lainey up. It sounds like you need to get her learning some basic swimming, she's a little fish!

Janalee said...

Hey I got a punch pass too! we should go together sometime!

Jessica said...

Love the shots of your little girl...she is so cute.
Going to the pool is so fun but somewhat stressful too.