Friday, June 4, 2010

meeting Ros

At the end of May, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with my dear friend and former mission companion, Ros. Ros lives in England, and she travelled to Salt Lake en route to visit friends in North Carolina. I'm so glad she stopped in Utah, because it was simply lovely to talk with her and share a few memories. We served in South Shields together, in 2005.

I just love her positive attitude about everything. She is just a delight to be with and I'm happy we had chance to serve together- she's an example to me. It's just a shame she lives so far away.

We decided to make a day of it, we took the kids for their first visit to the Salt Lake Temple grounds. There was a lot of building work going on in downtown SLC so it was a bit hard to navigate.

On the way home, we stopped at Smith and Edwards, a massive shop that sells lots of random things. We can never leave there without buying stuff that we didn't plan on buying. This time we bought a puzzle for Lainey and a little tractor for Luke (which he has labelled his 'cool tractor') I was lucky and came away with a nice outdoorsy type coat.

They sell cowboy hats of all sizes.

And they sell saddles too. Luke tested out a few. This picture was taken a few minutes before we lost Luke. I suppose he just made the most of the opportunity to escape, and ran away. Trev immediately went to the door in case someone tried to take him from the store, while I frantically flew around trying to locate him. When I did find him, he was in the fishing department, playing with those little plastic ball floats. Panic over. It was a scary incident though.


paige and jord said...

thats so fun you got to meet up with her! its nice to get caught up with old friends. sian your kids are so stinkin cute. i know im not around that often, but when i am, i always forget to tell you how adorable i think Luke is. He is SO full of energy in nursery and so happy and so friendly and so smart. You should be so proud! Me and Jord looove being in nursery because of little ones like luke :)

Ali and Andrew Hyde said...

I bet you guys were great companions together- that's fun you got to see her! And I am SO happy that no one took Luke from you! How scary! I remember one time when my little sister was playing hide and seek in our basement and didn't tell anyone and we couldn't find her for like 20 minutes and HOLY COW was it scary!